Nugbrand Nuggy & Budz "Claude the Cloud" T-Shirt

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Its Claude The Cloud!

This T-Shirt has Claude The Cloud chillen in the front and the Nuggy & Budz Seal on the back. Claude The Cloud is a cloud of Weed Smoke and is also a Medicated Genie that will grant all your stoner wishes. If you smoke Nuggy or put him in Electro-Bakes Vaporizing Chamber you get Claude The Cloud! The Nuggy & Budz Crew features all eight characters! Nuggy, Claude The Cloud, Electro-Bake, Sour Weasel, Skunky, Alex The Internet Monkey, Pinguinni & King Bin Bin... NugBrand T-Shirts are high quality 100% cotton and feature our Signature Nug on the left sleeve...

All Nuggy & Budz Shirts and Hoodies have FLUORESCENT elements that GLOW in the BLACKLIGHT!!!

Pick your favorite Nuggy & Budz character or collect them all!!!