Nugbrand Flower of Life T-Shirt

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This design called the “Flower of Life” is ancient sacred geometry connected to the creation on life throughout the universe. This pattern is one of the holiest, most sacred forms in existence. This new season of Nugbrand called “Higher Consciousness” features sacred ancient knowledge designs found all around the world through out different lands and eras of time. Awareness of this universal knowledge can alter your state of consciousness by knowing how the universe works u can live a more fulfilling fruitful life. Youtube it to find out more

Heks FX is a world reknown multi-media Artist. He is inspired by his travels, scared geometry and knowledge, ancient cultures, quantum physics, and killing it all day. “The “Higher Consciousness” season of nugbrand clothing is designed by Heks FX. It was inspired by his trip to burning man, a festival in the middle of the dessert full of life, colors, knowledge, art, and the spiritual light beings.


Glows Under The Blacklight!!!