EmazingLights Cube Diffusers - 10 Pack

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Bet you didn’t think you could wrap your lights all the way around your fingers, huh? The Shield Diffuser leaves a soft gel space for your fingertip for an even 360° fit.

All Premium Diffusers are designed for the modern glover, keeping in mind a perfect fit for your hand and creating a unique light trail manipulation.

Square up for Cube Diffusers! Cubes are for glovers who have the skills to weave their fingers with some extra overhead storage. Any gloving illusion that involves the angles of your hands and fingers can be enhanced by stacking up the edges of the cubes. Dials look pretty nuts, too! Cubes may feel clunky when you wave them around for the first time, but once you play around with them a bit, you’ll see all the possibilities.